What a Display… And Music Along with it

When you are driving around in the weeks leading up to Christmas, you are sure to see something interesting on your travels. Of course, I’m talking about Christmas lights and there is nothing quite like them when it comes to putting you in the mood for December 25. In fact, it is something that my family looks forward to every year and we make it a point to go visit all of the best lights in our area.

From time to time, you might just come across a light show that is to awesome, you go visit it every year. When you do, you will likely see that the show continues to get better as they add new lights and features every year as well. This home is one of those shows, and they have incorporated the song “Let it Go” from the film, Frozen.

This is one of those light shows that is sure to make it on your yearly trip around the neighbourhood. It may just be one that is worth going the distance to see as well.