Cadger Dubstep Christmas Light Show

When I was younger, I remember riding around the neighbourhood with my parents at Christmas every year to see the lights. They were so beautiful and it really put us all in the mood for the celebration. In fact, we would even play Christmas carols in the car and sing along with them. It was great family fun and I try to do something similar with my children every year as well.

Of course, times sure have changed since I was younger and today, it isn’t necessary to play the music because some of the displays play it for you. That is the case with this awesome display of Christmas lights, although the choice of “Christmas Carols” may just be a little different than what you remember as a youngster. For this show, they included the Beastie Boys’ “Fight for your Right” and Pink Floyd’s “Any Color You Like.”

Shows like this will never cease to amaze me. It isn’t only seeing all of the lights, it is the work that went into putting it together for other people to enjoy.