Wawra Christmas Tree Lights Show

When many of us think about seeing the lights in our area for Christmas, the first thing we think about is driving around the neighbourhood and watching the show from our car. Although that does define Christmas lights for many of us, there are also some spectacular light shows that take place inside of private homes as well. In most cases, you don’t get the chance to see them but in the case of this home, you get a sneak peek inside.

This light show takes place on a single Christmas tree but that doesn’t mean it is any less awesome than some of the outside light shows we have seen. The tree itself is 10 feet tall and it holds more than 7000 lights. Those lights are programmed with 24 channels and it plays along with some background music that is not only fun to hear, it may just make you want to get up and dance.

Some of the music that was chosen for this Christmas light display include “All About That Bass,” “Shake it Off” and Pharrell Williams’ “Happy”. Wait till you see it in action.