Seahawks Christmas Lights Show

It doesn’t matter who we are, we probably are passionate about something in life. When we have that passion, it is likely that we take it to the extreme at times and we may even go overboard. It is that point that we take our passion and push it to the next level and we want nothing more than to let others know we have that love in our life. That is what you are seeing in this video.

The man who owns this house is a huge sports fan and, more specifically, a fan of the Seattle Sea hawks, an American Football team. Apparently, he also has a passion for hanging Christmas lights and it seems that the combination of the two really puts on a show. Sure, the sound track might not include traditional Christmas music but it is sure a sight to behold.

The show plays every hour, and I’m not so sure if the neighbours love it or hate it but one thing is certain, they are going to listen to it. All kidding aside, this display uses over 150,000 lights and it really shows some originality.