Marc Savard’s Christmas Light Show

There are many traditions that we may associate with Christmas. Perhaps we think about getting together with friends and family to exchange gifts or we might think about singing Christmas carols as a family. One tradition that is something many people look forward to is driving around the area to check out the lights. Some people really go out of their way to make things special and this home is no different.

This is his light show from 2014 and he includes some of the top songs from that year, including “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” from the film, Frozen. When you see this light show in action, regardless of whether you are there in person or if you are watching the video, it is hard to imagine how much work went into putting it together. As it turns out, he gave some specifics.

This light show had over 85,000 lights and 416 channels, which run through the songs. Each of the songs took anywhere from 10 – 15 hours to program. Was it worth it? Watch the video and see.