Light Up Florida Christmas Light Show

When it comes to celebrating Christmas, some people just like to go all out and really do things right. They might get all of their shopping done sometime in October and they have everything organised down to the letter. What is also interesting is that they often are the people who put up Christmas lights and sometimes, those light shows can get quite extraordinary. They even keep adding to them every year, so they just keep getting better.

That is the case with this light show, which is not only a delight to see, it has a rather unusual sound track to go along with it. It is ‘Eye 2 Eye’ and it is not only a sight to behold, you really have to wonder how much work went into putting something like this together. I’m sure it took hours upon hours to complete.

For this light show, over 35,000 lights were used and everything was formed on wooden bases using PVC tubing with package strapping. I don’t know if I will ever do something like this myself but it sure is nice to see it when other people do it.