Frozen Medley Christmas Light Show

There have been many popular Christmas songs over the years, some of which have been around for centuries. Then again, there are also songs that people love at any time of the year and sometimes they can be incorporated into Christmas, even though they are not really Christmas songs. That is the case with many Disney songs, especially those from the film Frozen. It seems that people just can’t get enough of them and it is not much of a stretch to make them a part of your celebration.

Although the music from Frozen can be incorporated into Christmas in a number of ways, perhaps the way we appreciate the most is when it is a part of our Christmas lights. We see it time and time again and when you combine with magic of Disney with the beauty of Christmas lights, you really have a winning combination.

The light show in this video is sure to be one you love. It includes many songs from the film, Frozen, including Do You Want to Build a Snowman, Let It Go, Love Is an Open Door and in Summer.