Delaney Christmas Light Show

Christmas lights have certainly changed over the years and when you see what people are able to put together, you are sure to be amazed. At one time, it was simple strings of lights that could decorate a home beautifully but today, people are putting on professional light shows with tens of thousands of lights and electronic controls. The entire show is put to music and it is something amazing to watch.

The light show in this clip if fueled by almost 60,000 individual lights and controlled by some 432 channels of Light-O-Rama. The end result is something you have to see to appreciate, but it is one that you will want to see year after year. In fact, some people travel great distances to see these lights and once you see them, you will know why.

The Christmas light show is open on a daily basis during the Christmas season and the lights you are seeing here are from the 2014 show. You will have to admit that he has a natural talent for putting this type of a show together.