Darude Sandstorm Christmas Lights Show

What music comes to your mind when you think about Christmas. If you are like most people, you think about the Christmas carols that have been a part of our lives for many years. In fact, some of those songs that they continue to play on the radio and at the shopping mall have been around for hundreds of years. From time to time, however, a new song slips in and this one may surprise you.

When you are driving around your neighbourhood looking at the christmas lights, you may have songs on the radio or perhaps running through your head. That might include Silent Night or perhaps Deck the Halls, but what about Sandstorm by Darude? Of course you probably would never consider that song to be a Christmas song but when you hear it playing along with this light show, you can’t help but really admire the work that went into it.

This light show is from the 2014 Christmas season and it uses over 75,000 lights and 368 channels to put on an amazing display. Watching this video shows you the awesome amount of work that went into the project. Enjoy.