Christmas Lights Show, Tribute to US Troops

When it comes to Christmas, many people have thoughts of family for the celebration. In fact, from the time we are young children, it is a day that we spend together as a family from the time we wake up in the morning until we fall asleep at night. Even though that is the case for many families, there are also some people who are not able to be together with their loved ones on Christmas.

When men and women become a part of the armed forces, they are often in areas outside of their home and they are not able to make the trip to see their family. It may be that they are just too far within the country to make the trip or they could even be deployed to another area. In either case, it is hard on everyone involved. That is the theme for this Christmas light show.

This show is put up in honour of those who are not able to come together with family for Christmas. This particlar home is inside of the United States but the sentiment is much the same, regardless of where you live.