Christmas Light Show – Frozen

There is an old saying that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and we can certainly see that in action in this video clip. It is showing a rather unusual Christmas light show, and, although it doesn’t use traditional Christmas music, it does make up for it in originality. In fact, you are unlikely to find another light show that is quite like it.

The house in this video belongs to an IT guy, and it really shows once you begin watching his creation. There are different songs that he uses with this show but in this clip, you are listening to the theme from the Disney film, Frozen. That song, Let it Go, has been very popular, especially in the year that the film was released but it continues to be loved till this day. It’s interesting to see how he puts things together.

For the light show, you not only have some traditional lights, you also have electronic pumpkins that appear on the home and sing along to the music. It sounds strange but wait till you see it. It’s well worth the watch.