Christmas Light Show – Bang Bang

Christmas light shows are something that many of us enjoy and we may even go out of our way to travel our local area and see what our neighbours put out this year. In some cases, it is just a string of lights here or there but at other times, something quite extraordinary is put out. That is what you will see in this video and you might be quite surprised with what they were able to do.

The light show in this clip is put to music, but it doesn’t use traditional Christmas songs. What it does use is the “Bang Bang” song by Jesise J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj. When the song starts playing, you might be wondering what it has to do with Christmas but you will soon forget that question when 3 colourful pumpkins come out and invite you to dance.

Ok, so it still doesn’t have anything to do with a Christmas theme but you have to admit that the lights are truly spectacular. If this were in your area, I’m sure you would drive out of your way to see it.