Best of Star Wars Music Christmas Lights Show

What do you think of when you envision Christmas. It might be that you think about sitting around with family and friends, enjoying a nice fire and some great conversation. You might also think about decorating the tree or perhaps shopping for gifts. Those are the common things that people think about but others may just think about something unusual. For some, it is a time to really get creative and to show your passions by incorporating them in your Christmas lights.

The person who decorated this home did an awesome job of putting up the lights and making a show that coordinates with the background music. It isn’t Jingle Bells or Winter Wonderland that is his music of choice, it is the theme song from Star Wars. Yes, it might sound a little unusual but when you see it come together, you are going to be amazed with how well it works.

For this Christmas light show, there are about 100,000 lights and plenty of props made from metal, wood and plastic. When the show begins, however, you aren’t thinking about the work that went into it, you are thinking about a light show that took place in a galaxy far, far away.