Christmas Light Show – Dreams of Fireflies

When I was a youngster, I can remember watching my father putting up the Christmas lights every year. He would get out his ladder and pull the lights down from the attic and before you know it, we would have the lights up and shining. Most of our neighbourhood would also have up Christmas lights but it would typically only be a few strings of coloured bulbs strung around the porch. That isn’t the case today.

In today’s electronic world, Christmas lights have truly taken the next step and many people have kept pace with them. They have such an assortment of lights available and some of them are quite outstanding to see. In this clip, you get to see someone who made full use of the new technology and they put together a show along with music that will amaze you.

There are some 30,000 lights in this show, which is choreographed to a Dreams of Fireflies tune, On a Christmas Night. It’s sure to put you in the mood for December 25.